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For sale properties - Local Experts

Paris23 properties
Cannes4 properties

Data alone cannot provide enough information and insight with respect to the value of your property, not to mention the dynamics of the neighborhood. This is why Welcome2France offers you human expertise.

Our brilliant, hardworking team of real estate specialists, which consists of brokers and local-area experts, possess a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the arrondissements of Paris, as well as the choice areas of Cannes and the surrounding communes on the French Riviera. Members of our valued team have hundreds of years of combined experience in the field, so they know full well how prime markets behave and work.

Our local experts thus know how to give a fair valuation of real estate properties in their respective geographic areas, and they listen well to each client’s needs, expectations, and goals. In so doing, they can provide tailored information and insight that will help you make an informed decision, in case you are looking to buy, sell, rent out, or rent a luxury property.

Examples of valuable pieces of information include accessibility to public transportation, proximity to roads that connect to the suburbs, the peace and order situation in a specific neighborhood, and a neighborhood’s popularity among foreign tourists.