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General Questions

How can I contact you?+
Where are you located?+
Can I change apartments?+

Check-In/ Check-out/ Transportation

Who is Welcome2France?+
How do I check-in?+
When can I check in?+
How do I check-out?+
When do I check-out?+
Do I need transportation From/ To the airport?+
How do I arrange private transportation?+
How do I get around Paris?+

Apartment Questions

Can I change apartments?+
Do we need to bring anything?+
Internet and Wifi+
Smoking allowed?+
Pets allowed?+
Is Parking nearby?+
Laundry - washing machine and dryer+
Concern about A/C?+
Linens and Towels+
Maintenance issues - Who to contact?+
Apartment phone+
Do you provide cribs/ baby cots?+

Reservation Questions

How do I reserve an apartment?+
Is there a minimum stay?+
Other rental locations+

Paris / Neighborhoods

Which parts of Paris are safe?+
What is central Paris?+
I was told only to book districts / arrondissements 1-7. Is this good advice?+
Good restaurants/ Cafés/ bakeries near your apartments?+
How do I get around Paris?+
What\'s the weather like in Paris?+


Are your rates all-inclusive?+
What payment method?+
Do you offer discounts?+
Can I get a receipt for my payment?+
Security Damage Deposit+

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?+
Flexible cancellation policy for Covid-19 situation+
How guaranteed is my rental?+

Extra Services

Extra linens and towels+
Private Transfers To/ From airport+
Restaurant and theater reservations, and more+

For Agents

Do you work with travel agents?+

Rental Insurance

Do I need a rental insurance?+


Can you provide baby-sitting service?+
Can we rent a crib or high chair?+

French vs. U.S. (and Other Countries)

Floors (French Vs. U.S.)+
Bed Sizes (French Vs. U.S.)+

Change Policy

Can I extend my length of stay?+
Can I reduce my lenght of stay?+