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Guest Service

Providing 5-star accommodations for luxury travelers may be exciting and rewarding, but it can be stressful, especially when you are a mere property investor without the time to meet guest requirements on your own.

This is the very reason why Welcome2France is around. With us, all you will ever need to do is list your property, make sure that all amenities are in place, and collect payments from us.

Our role is to take care of the day-to-day services that guests will require, and by that, we mean we have teams of specialists to deal with the tedious process: from booking to check-out.

One of our popular services is the 24/7 guest support, which we provide at no cost to you. Tasks include supplying extra towels and blankets, addressing plumbing or power-supply issues, or processing requests for an extended stay. Moreover, we assign a dedicated concierge to each travel party—again, at no cost to you.

Welcome2France has been a key player in the luxury-travel industry for many years, and we have earned the trust and respect of hosts, guests, and partners.

To join our highly esteemed network of property owners and accommodation providers, who earn without getting a headache, please call or write us!