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Rental Insurance

No worries! Welcome2France has got you covered.

Welcome2France is all about delivering excellent Guest services, including shielding them from various forms of frustration. This is why we offer, through our trustworthy and ever-dependable insurance provider, one of the best rental insurance policies in the industry.

Our rental insurance applies to both short-term and long-term rentals, and it amply covers the following:


#1 - Holiday Interruption

Some of the reasons are unavailability of the accommodation due to unforeseen events, work-related changes, sudden illness, death.


#2 - Holiday Cancellation

Some of the reasons are major home damage, work-related changes, accident, death.


#3 - Personal Liability

One of the common claims involves property damage due to flooding or fire.


#4 - Damage Protection

Claims usually involve stained bed linens, torn furniture upholstery, broken lamps, or lost keys to the apartment.


#5 - Rental Fraud

Claims usually involve booked and confirmed accommodations that are far less superior in reality than what is depicted in the photos, test descriptions, and promotional materials.

No one wishes to be in any one of the situations mentioned above. But in the unlikely event that you do, Welcome2France will be happy to address emergencies, resolve pressing issues, and find a viable solution to the problem.