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+1000 Visited Properties

Welcome2France connects travelers and tenants with a vast inventory of luxury accommodations in Paris, Cannes on the French Riviera, and several other places in the country, whether it is for a long term or short term stay. Our aim is to deliver the best possible services, including round-the-clock guests support and access to recreation opportunities, toward an unparalleled, exceptional travel experience.

To make sure that we meet the high standards and specific requirements of Guests, members of our experienced team have verified and visited each and every one of the more than 1000 properties listed on our site. In addition to international hotel guidelines and professional codes, Welcome2France also has its own criteria for service excellence. We are ourselves travelers and homeowners, so we know what gives short-term and long-term luxury vacation rentals the brilliant five-star status.

By visiting the luxury apartments and homes listed on the Welcome2France site, we are also able to confirm whether or not these actually match their advertised photographs and descriptions. This is important in maintaining the accuracy of the listings, and in furnishing Guests the right and truthful information they need to make sound travel decisions.

The Welcome2France team also goes the extra mile of being Guests ourselves: going through the booking process and requesting, reserving, confirming, and paying for accommodations in our listings. This is both to address any potential causes of delays and frustration, and to enjoy the luxury offerings like you should. On top of this, we meet and maintain rapport with our dedicated providers of on-site concierge services, as well as our top-notch customer service staff, in order to provide continuing education, training, and support.

Our range of exclusive luxury properties continues to broaden each year, but we strive to continue meeting individual needs nonetheless because we believe that every Guest has special requirements. We also strive to maintain the level of impeccable service that we have committed to both our Guests and Hosts.