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Job Interview Tips To Help Get Employment in France

June 26, 2020
Going in for a job interview is probably one of the most nerve-wracking things you'll ever go through in life. These few minutes of conversation can change your life in an instant. They hold that much weight so, of course, you'd want to make a good impression. Especially if you're applying for a job in France. Whether it's in Paris or any other part of the country, you'll need to be fully prepared for your interview. They do things a little differently here, so it's best that you know what to expect and how to behave most appropriately! Only then will you clinch the job!

Job Interview Tips To Help Get Employment in France


Do Your Homework

Let's start by knowing what you're in for. When you apply it's vital that you fully understand the company you're going for and the position at hand. More often than not, interviewers will ask you more about what you know regarding the company and the role you're applying for than anything else. It's a way for them to assess if you really understood what you're gunning for and if you're the right person for the job. 


Know the Application Process (If You Can) 

It will also help if you get a little tidbit of information on how the application process really is. For one thing, some companies will give you up to four interviews until they make a final decision. Others will even make you take a test. In any case, ask around for such info from people who know the company that you're applying for. 


Job Interview Tips To Help Get Employment in France


Dress Appropriately

This goes without saying, actually! France may be the 'capital of fashion' and various trends have started here but when it comes to job interviews, business attire is still the dress code! This means no jeans, no t-shirts, no ripped anything, and more! Even if the company itself seems casual—such as startup companies—it's better to make a good impression by actually dressing up. Suits are always the best way to go, but you can wear collared white shirts too and a nice pair of slacks too! 


Prepare for Tests

As already mentioned earlier, some job applications require taking tests. Whether you already about the application process of the company you're applying for or not, it won't hurt to prepare a little before your job interview. Brush up on some of what you've learned from school. The good thing about it is businesses rarely make you take their tests on the actual interview day. If they call you back for more interviews, that's when you'll probably have to take the tests. 


Job Interview Tips To Help Get Employment in France


Address the Interviewer Respectfully

This is also a tip that practically goes without saying. Always be respectful to the interviewer no matter who he/she is. Refer to them as monsieur/madam even if it's someone younger than you or someone you know personally. Interviews aren't social gatherings. The interviewer is there to do business and you ought to pay him/her the right respect. Even when you get to be comfortable during the conversation, never forget your place and continue to show reverence to them. 


Wait to Be Seated

Another way to show reverence to the interview during a job interview is to let him/her sit first. Even if you were in the first in the room and he/she came in while you're already seated, upon greeting, it's bad manners not to stand up. And when it's time to start the interview proper, wait for him/her to sit first then take your seat right after. Only when the interview insists that you sit first should you actually do it. 


Job Interview Tips To Help Get Employment in France


Shaking Hands is Enough for a Greeting

It's fairly common for the French to greet with kisses. However, remember that job interviews are not social gatherings so you still have to practice a certain standard of decorum even when greeting. Simply put, when greeting your interviewer, a handshake is enough. Don't lean in for a kiss or two on the cheeks unless he/she does it first. But you'll rarely meet interviewers who will do that. So on your first interview for your next job, just extend out your hand and give a firm handshake


No Bad-Mouthing Allowed

Bad-mouthing or gossiping during your job interview is a huge no-no! Keep your opinions to yourself unless you're asked for it by the interview. And when that happens, remain respectful with your tone and word-choice, regardless of how strongly you feel about a certain issue, company, person, etc. The worst is bad-mouthing an employee that actually already works in the company you're applying for. Doing so won't get you anywhere near the position at hand. 


Job Interview Tips To Help Get Employment in France


Speak Truthfully About Yourself

When the interviewer asks you to say a little something about yourself, remain as truthful as you can. Though it may seem better to prop yourself up a bit, doing so excessively will garner expectations that you yourself won't be able to meet. And when that happens, consider yourself on the way out of employment! What you say in your interview will always matter, even when you've been working at the company for years. People will reference what you said then with you you'll perform in the long run! 


Present As Much Proof as You Can

If you do want to prop yourself up, be sure to back it up with some evidence. This is where your portfolio and other documents come in. When you mention that you've earned prestigious accolades over the years, don't just say it, show it! Present your certificates that prove such accomplishments. In terms of trophies, take a picture and show it to the interview. That is, however, if the interviewer asks for it! Always let the interviewer lead the conversation and just try to catch up as best as you can! 


Job Interview Tips To Help Get Employment in France


Going in for a job interview in France may be different from how it is in different countries. It's important you know what to expect and what to do to ensure that you'll get the job! Just remember to be yourself, display confidence, and always speak truthfully!