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Rental Insurance

Damage Protection

Accidents happen, and these can cost an arm and a leg.

Not everything goes well, as planned, even in luxury travels. Although you exercise extra care as a guest at any one of the Welcome2France accommodations, accidents and mishaps could happen—and damage to the property or its contents should be compensated, most likely by yourself.

While you cannot prevent such misfortunes from happening, you can always find peace of mind and a sense of security by wielding a rental insurance plan. A policy like this will pay for damage to the property or loss of the owner’s belongings due to flooding, fire, or explosion.

When you book with us, consider taking out a rental insurance policy that helps give you a worry-free vacation. We have partnered with Adar Insurance, a trusted name in the industry, so you can proceed with your travel plans knowing that somebody reliable has got you covered.

For more information on the rental damage protection we offer for short-term and long-term stays, please call or write us.