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Great English-Speaking Grocery Stores in Paris

July 07, 2020
Paris is the food capital of the world but where exactly do you get it? Of course, there are the many fine restaurants with first-class dining and excellent cuisines but you can't really go there each and every day, right? Especially if you're on a budget! Staying in Paris, whether you're here in a few days, a few weeks, or even a lifetime, it's often better to cook at home than to always go out. You just gotta know where to shop, and the more they speak English, the better. Fortunately, Paris as a good number of English-speaking grocery stores!

Great English-Speaking Grocery Stores in Paris



Out of all the grocery stores on this list, Franprix is perhaps the most well-known among locals. It helps that the company has several stores set up across all twenty arrondissements of Paris. It's here where they find the most unique and oftentimes unorthodox selections. Different brands of food that aren't as famous but taste great just the same. And since it's become quite th conglomerate, they've also branched out to cater to foreign visitors as well. A good many Franprix stores serve and sell items in English, equipped with multi-lingual staff to make shopping for tourists easier. 


Harry Cover 

It's all about the greens her in Harry Cover! This English-speaking store full of fruits and vegetables is a vegetarian's paradise. Fresh produce from some of the best farming regions of France, each high-quality and will certainly add flavor to any dish. They take pride in the fact that they're also able to help foreign visitors when it comes to their shopping. Whilst many of the staff's English isn't that great, they're good enough to assist any shopper who doesn't speak nor understand French in need of assistance. It can even be said that this is one of the finer gluten-free stores in the city


Great English-Speaking Grocery Stores in Paris


Kioko Supermarket

Up for some Japanese? The Kioko Supermarket is your kind of place! They sell al the ingredients you'll need for hefty and authentic Japanese dishes. Grains of rice for rice balls? Check! Ginger for miso soup? Check! Sashimi for sushi? Check! Shrimp for tempura? Check! Chicken for teriyaki? Check! And tofu for dessert? Check! And don't forget the green tea too! This multi-lingual store has anything and everything one needs to recreate the sumptuous cuisine from the far East. The store's success and newfound prominence are testaments to the French's love for Japanese food! 


Leader Price

Take the Franprix store and make it more affordable—you'll get Leader Price! Although it's only open on Sundays, the wait for it every week is worth it! It's here where one can get all kinds of French items and ingredients, each more unique and rare than the next. Those who are very much into the European country's fine cuisine will have everything they need here, and they won't have to break the bank to get them too! Of course, shopping here is made easier with the multi-lingual staff, ready to assist both locals and tourists alike! 


Great English-Speaking Grocery Stores in Paris


Marks & Spencer

Everyone knowns Marks & Spencer! It's one of the leading lifestyle stores from the UK. Beyond their most famous retail line of clothing, they also actually have their own grocery store. And the one in Paris is the best for those who are in need of quality ingredients. Organic and well-made, the food you'll buy here might cost a pretty penny, but it's worth the investment. It's Marks & Spencer, after all! Quality is the name of the game here, be it in their clothes or their grocery items! And, of course, they also speak English here! 


Picard's Frozen Dessert

By the name alone, you'd think this was an ice cream shop or something! But nope! It's actually a multi-lingual grocery-like store that sells frozen foods of many finds. Think exotic fish, fresh fruits, creamy yogurt, and some gelato for good measure! It's all about the cool stuff here, which makes it quite the, ironically, hotspot for culinary aficionados. Through the years, it's become prominent among the many foreign immigrants and visitors in the capital. So, in order to assist them better, they've equipped the stores with multi-lingual staff. Shopping here will be a breeze—and you'll feel it too!


Great English-Speaking Grocery Stores in Paris


Thanksgiving Grocery Store

Every American visiting or staying in Paris will need to give thanks to the Thanksgiving Store. Without it, they wouldn't find the good stuff they loved back home here in the French capital. All the famous American snacks, dishes, and more are sold here. Not to mention, of course, ingredients to cook up a fine Thanksgiving meal! Set up in the 90s, the store has slowly but surely became a culinary hotspot in Paris. It gives the locals a chance to try American food for a change, whilst for others, a helpful English-speaking store where they can get a snack or two! 


Top Halles

Another store that's all about the organic stuff: Top Halles! With such fine produce, you wouldn't believe that this store actually exists in such an urban place like Paris. But it does! Those who are into salads will feel like a kid in a candy store while here, faced with a bevy of fresh fruits and vegetables for the taking. But what makes shopping here even more worthwhile are the shopkeepers. Nice and friendly, they're able to serve all kinds of customers here. And their gentle demeanor and welcoming aura will have them coming back for more! 


Great English-Speaking Grocery Stores in Paris


Don't fret, foreign residents and visitors of Paris! The French capital has a good many English-speaking grocery stores to make your daily/weekly food shopping an easier and ultimately more pleasant experience!