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Follow These 10 Tips During The Paris 2024 Olympics

May 31, 2024
Are you going to the Paris 2024 Olympics? Or perhaps, are you moving to Paris this year and it just so happened to have coincided with the global sports event this year? If any of these situations apply to you, know that the city will be even more hectic this summer. The French capital is already seeing a huge influx of tourists and the Paris Olympics are still a good few weeks away. How will you ever survive the madness this July? Well, simply follow these tips! From learning a bit of French to walking instead of taking a taxi, these small changes will matter come the Summer Olympics in Paris!

Follow These 10 Tips During The Paris 2024 Olympics

Schedule Your Trip Properly

First things first, if you're traveling to Paris for the Summer Olympics as a tourist, you need to schedule your trip properly. Begin by choosing the sports you want to watch and learning the time and place for these games. Some might coincide with each other while others would be held in venues outside of Paris. At the same time, remember to have some free days in between. It won't be healthy if you're busy throughout your trip. You deserve a few moments for yourself.

Learn a Bit of French

Don't underestimate the language barrier in Paris. The French capital may be a global city, but most locals speak almost exclusively French. It will truly help you if you learn a bit of the language, or at least some essential French phrases that will make it easier for you to navigate the city. This way, you'll have fewer misunderstandings and little to no risk of offending the locals. You'll also have an easier time traveling throughout the city.

Follow These 10 Tips During The Paris 2024 Olympics

Take Alternative Ways to Get Around

In terms of commuting, you'd do well to forget public transport in Paris. Or more specifically, the popular city's modes of public transportation. Forget the Paris Métro, taxis, buses, and the like. With millions more people in Paris for the Olympics, it'll be harder and take you longer to commute. It's better to go for alternative ways to get around instead. Rent a bike and cycle your way throughout the city. Make friends and if they drive, ask if you can hitch a ride too.

Prepare to Walk A Lot

Walking is your best bet to get around the city. Even though you can still take the Paris Métro, taxis, ride the bus, and more, it might be easier to travel on foot instead. Expect these various modes of public transport in Paris to often be crowded, especially in the middle of the Paris 2024 Olympics. Locals and tourists alike will crowd these transit systems, making it borderline impossible for you to get to where you need to be on time.

Follow These 10 Tips During The Paris 2024 Olympics

Try to Keep Healthy as Best You Can

The healthcare in Paris is one of the best in the world. The city has many top-notch and even English-speaking medical centers and their emergency medical services are beyond efficient. With that said, however, you'd do well to stay as healthy as possible during Paris 2024. With millions of tourists descending on the city, hospitals and clinics will be more crowded than ever. Avoid adding to all that hectic energy by staying as healthy as you can. You can do so by bringing your own medicine and learning some first-aid before the event.

Remember That Many Famous Spots are Closed

When you go to Paris, you'd naturally want to see its most famous monuments, right? There's the iconic Eiffel Tower, the serene Seine River, and the scenic Pont Alexandre III, to name a few. Are you excited to see these in person this summer? Well, hold your horses! These and a few more of Paris's much-beloved attractions will be closed during the Olympics. Most of them will host the games and are already closed with still a few weeks before the event.

Follow These 10 Tips During The Paris 2024 Olympics

Don't Forget to Play Tourist

Perhaps the worst part about traveling to Paris for the 2024 Olympics as a tourist is that many of the city's famous landmarks will be closed. A good number of them will host the games, helping the event put the historic French capital front and center during this televised event. So how can you play tourist in between watching the Olympic Games? Well, there are still many spots that will stay open this summer. They include most of Paris’s must-see museums, the Arc de Triomphe, and even Disneyland Paris, among others.

Consider Staying in The Paris Suburbs

Now, in terms of staying in the city, consider settling down in the Paris Suburbs. These are great neighborhoods in Paris located a little beyond the central arrondissements. Though they're a fair distance away from the city center, lots of Parisians live there. For one thing, the Paris Suburbs are also more peaceful than the main districts. Some are largely residential while others are still lively, but not as hectic as the city center. At the same time, some venues within the Paris Suburbs will also host the Olympic Games, so you'll still be close to all the action too!

Follow These 10 Tips During The Paris 2024 Olympics

Get a Rental Apartment Instead of a Hotel Room

Now, when it comes to accommodations, renting a luxury apartment in Paris might be better than booking a hotel room. Don't underestimate how crowded many of the city's hotels will be come Paris 2024. Most tourists descending on the city will likely choose hotels over other options. Moreover, renting an apartment gives you more privacy. You'll live more like a local instead of one of the millions of tourists visiting the city for the Olympics.

Be More Aware of Your Surroundings

Finally, always remember to be aware of your surroundings. Pickpocketing is already a huge problem in Paris, what more during the Summer Olympics? The city's pickpockets will likely work overtime when tourism is at its peak in Paris this summer. If you're not careful, you might just end up as one of their unfortunate victims. So avoid this by being more aware when you go out and bringing along sturdy bags to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Follow These 10 Tips During The Paris 2024 Olympics

When you go to the Paris 2024 Olympics this summer, you need to follow these tips to ensure you have a good stay in the city. Don't underestimate just how hectic the French capital will be during the most important event of the year.